Cryptography solutions

CyberDefense & Intelligence

ISTRIA, Soluciones de Criptografía S.A. is a high-tech company; whose main target is to provide our Clients with High Security, Cryptography and Intelligence Products and Integrated Solutions; as well as Technical Assistance and Consultancy Services in the CyberDefense & Intelligence field.

To achieve this target, ISTRIA has a solid knowledge base of the technology, the state of the art and the market, having a permanently active R&D&I area.

Cryptographic Solutions

Cryptographic solutionsISTRIA has a R&D&I team composed by highly qualified professionals with an extensive experience in the design, development, integration, manufacturing and management of High Security Cryptographic Solutions for protection of communications and systems in Critical Infrastructures.

ISTRIA has high security cryptographic products (own developments), such as a complete High-Performance IP Cryptosystem.

Intelligence solutionsISTRIA also has agreements with different leading companies for deployment of their solutions in exportation markets, offering value added services to our technological partners solutions (integration, customization,…).

Intelligence Solutions

ISTRIA has agreements with DigitalGlobe, the leading global provider of commercial satellite imagery and with different specialized partners, allowing us to offer a complete set of Analytical Intelligence Solutions and Value Added Services in different sectors (Security & Defense, Cartography & Cadaster, Infrastructures & Transport, Oil & Gas, Mining,…).

Combining superior technology and contents of the highest quality, great expertise and flexibility, we can analyze each Customer specific needs and provide tailored solutions (on a global basis or project by project) to meet YOUR specific requirements.

Intelligence solutions

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